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Beginning of February – and the temperature is dropping to -35 or lower. This is winter in Canada! We’ll wrap up if we are outside, which we can only be for very short times, and do whatever we can to keep the cold from creeping into every nook and cranny. And we’ll look forward to the time – not far ahead – when we can go out in shorts and t-shirts under the warmth of a June sun.

Such is human nature. We can learn to protect ourselves from what may harm us, while imagining a better time ahead.

But we need to be equipped. Not everyone can get shelter from the cold, or has enough warm clothes and food to get by when the harshest of winter strikes. Not everybody has the capacity to turn bad times into a hopeful future, or the inner belief that they can transform their lives into something better.

There are enough resources for those who seek them. For a welcome, although quick and often temporary fix, we could find shelter, food and clothes for those without. For longer-term solutions to the frustrations, stress and problems that so many people face, we can offer the tools of Emotional Fitness.

Then we can all experience the warm times, even in February in Canada.

~Warren Redman

Creator of The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness

President of the Emotional Fitness Institute

Learn more at

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