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Thank you for contacting Emotional Fitness Institute. We look forward to receiving your email and connecting with you.

Our Vision

To share Emotional Fitness® with the world through a global community of dedicated listening practitioners.

Our Mission

To support and propel Emotional Fitness® listening practitioners and members to use and offer the tools of Emotional Fitness®, providing resources to assist with personal and professional growth.


To build mentally and emotionally strong communities worldwide, through the tools of Emotional Fitness®

Our Values 


Empathy Fulfillment Integrity Truth

Our Intention

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Website receives regular updates to create a friendly and engaging space.

To impart the Emotional Fitness® approach, empowering people to listen deeply to themselves & others while building inner balance at an individual and collective level.

The Emotional Fitness® Approach

The tools of Emotional Fitness® were developed in 1984 by Warren Redman and have been used since then in therapeutic, workplace and professional educational settings with over a thousand individuals and organizations in the UK, North America, Australia and the Middle East.

At the core of our work, we believe that the wisdom lies within each of us, and that the job of our Emotional Fitness® practitioners is to partner with their clients to draw out that wisdom from each of them. As such, we offer no advice, make no assumptions, and provide no “quick fixes.” Instead, our Emotional Fitness® practitioners will always listen with respect, and fully observe and abide by the four values of E-FIT: Empathy, Fulfilment, Integrity and Truth.

Winding Roads

A Message from the Founder


Warren Redman
President & Founder

OUR  Directors

We offer a simple, powerful and effective way to help people find and hear their own voice and develop more fulfilling relationships, work opportunities, and inner peace.

Michelle Gallant-Richards

Jocelyne Wandler
Secretary & Membership

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