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These Master Classes are reserved for EFI Members. Licensed Practitioner Members (LPM) meet 10X/year and Associate Members (AM) meet 2X/year.

Upcoming Master Classes

Meetings are from 6-8pm AST 

January 23           LPM/AM

February 20         LPM

March 20              LPM

April 17                 LPM/AM

May 15                  LPM

June 19                 LPM

September 18      LPM/AM

October 16           LPM

November 20       LPM

December 18       LPM\AM

Emotional Fitness Workshop Leader Course

under development by EFInstitute

Purpose:  It is intended for the Emotional Fitness Coach/ Practitioner who wants to offer workshops using any of the distinct Emotional Fitness tools.

Application: For use with couples, parents, work teams and any other group where the intention is to examine personal and professional relationships with a view to enhancing them.    


Approach:  Our Workshop Leader Course mirrors how it works. This training is experiential and covers the needs of participants.

Contract:  The contract is an insight into the participants' needs.

Check-in:  What you have learned? What you want to reinforce?


Course Outline

  1. Identify various types of Workshops 

  2. What are they looking for/desired outcomes      

  3. The importance of 'Contracts'

  4. How to Start a Workshop

    •  Introduction

    • Check-ins

    • Setting the scene

    • Engaging the group members

    • How to ask questions

  5. Introducing the topic/How (EFit Step)

  6. Instructions for EFit Step offered

    • Describing the step

    • Clarifying the roles, time, contract

    • Workshop Leader-observing and intervening

    • Responding to feedback reviews (how to give and receive feedback...)

    • Pulling the threads together – summarizing the essence

    • Personal Action  

    • Ending the Workshop/Follow-up

  7.     Introduction to group dynamics

    • Individuals in groups

    • Being aware of the energy

    • Intervention skills

    • Challenge and Support

  8.     Pricing/Duration

*Currently, the Workshop Leader course is under development and will remain under the auspice of the Emotional Fitness Institute until fully functioning. Presently, it will be offered as a 24hr learning & training workshop with scheduling to be determined by the group. EFI courses under development will be discounted up to 25% off regular price. The Workshop Leader experiential training course will be offered by Warren Redman and Michelle Gallant-Richards. Price TBD


Quality Assured

Workshop Leader Course
Master Classes -Warren
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