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The Road to Emotional Fitness

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Fourteen years ago today, Nicole and I arrived at our new home in Shediac. We had driven from Calgary, taking our time and visiting friends in Ottawa and family in Montreal, in frigid temperatures under brilliant blue skies, until the day we left Montreal when we drove for a day in torrential rain. Snow greeted us as we arrived in New Brunswick, and we stayed

overnight in Fredericton before leaving next morning for Shediac.

We left behind fifteen happy years in Calgary. For me, the friends I had made through Emotional Fitness will stay in my heart forever, from the first three people who walked through the door to experience being listened to, to the 'send-off' when about a hundred people crammed into a bar, all wearing Emotional Fitness t-shirts, a fraction of those who had taken courses over the years.

What a journey the whole thing has been, exemplified by the road trip we took across Canada to be here. Since being in New Brunswick, the work of Emotional Fitness has matured, so that we now have a great team and an organization poised to provide the back-up and support to all Emotional Fitness practitioners. The work was developed in Calgary from an idea that had its roots in the UK, and has now been established with the formation of the new Emotional Fitness Institute based in New Brunswick and able to provide support to practitioners across the globe.

Now anyone seeking Emotional Fitness, and who wishes to support our work so that we can offer the tools to the hundreds, thousands, millions, who need it, can become an associate member. More than ever, the world needs the tools of Emotional Fitness. They travel well!

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