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Demolition by Warren Redman

I’ve been watching from our window the demolition of the cottage across from us. It was the summer home of a couple from Ottawa who had come here for each of the past 46 years. It reminded me of my last visit to Calgary, about two years after I left that city in 2009, when I arrived in time to see our old home being torn down.

Personal journeys can never be demolished!

What wrenched my heart was the vision of all those evening and weekends when so many people ventured into ‘inner space’ as they practiced the tools of Emotional Fitness and shared their personal learning journeys.

Memories remain forever!

The destruction of a house can never destroy those memories, whether of happy vacations, moments of revelation, of friendship and joy, or the sharing of difficult stories.

View from our home!

The view from our home now has opened up. The whole bay is now visible. By next spring, a new house will have been built. Hopefully, we will still be able to see at least the portion of the water that was open to us before. Whatever happens, nothing can take away the delight of what we have in this moment.

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