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Is Your Health Worth Investing Time, Effort & Money?

As I sat in class and listened to the instructor, I found myself holding on to what I perceived as a very captivating question: How much is your health & wellness worth? At that very moment, faster than the speed of light, I connected several concepts together and realized: I cannot put a price tag on my health!

Happy & Healthy Couple Smiling Speaks Louder Than Words!

How desperate must I become in order to discover myself, my hope and my peace of mind?

For years, I separated my mind, my emotions and my physical body. When I was thinking, brainstorming, problem-solving, learning, reasoning, and even replaying yesterday's experiences I was in my head space; in my mind. Other times, when I was sad, scared, anxious, angry, happy, worries, frustrated, stressed out and feeling this or that, I was in my emotional space. Occasionally, I would exert myself, get hurt, experience some type of physical ache or pain and without realizing it, I was in my physical space. All of these were affecting one another, yet I was not fully aware of the intricate collaboration that occurs deep within! I never paid attention to the threads that link the mind, the emotions and the body together. I regret not having understood these connections from a much younger age. I wish this would have been taught and explored more during my schooling years and my university years.

If the roots engulf me then I am properly rooted?

Truthfully, I am not familiar with all the religions of the world, nor do I feel the need to explore them further; however, I have met many spiritual people who have something in common: the desire to live a better and more wholesome life. Some of us struggle with a mind that is constantly going. Others feel strong emotions and feelings; highs and lows; ups and downs. Then there are those who struggle with physical illnesses, aches & pains, weight issues or other. Each person hoping to find a solution to their urgent situation. Some willing to explore medications, psychotherapies and answers from the external world . Others seeking a spiritual or religious reason and answer. And yet others, continuing to remain in the clutches of their desperate position and mindset.

Investing time means...

I am ready, willing and able to commit to a specific amount of time each day, each week, each month on my self care. I choose to put my self care first without neglecting what is the very essence of me: mind-emotions-body which is my soul. The same care I offer my car, my house, my dishes, my shopping, my job, my pet, my loved ones and other, is necessary to offer myself to foster a sense of inner balance.

Investing effort means...

I am ready, willing and able to invest my all in achieving the desire outcome of living life to the fullest in every sense of its meaning for me, personally. I am what I put into myself. If I do not value my worth, then I will not offer full effort to accomplish my needs. The fact that I breathe is a miracle. Who am I to deny myself the effort it takes in becoming the best, most inner balanced version of myself. If not for 'me', nor 'myself' then for 'I'.

Investing money means...

I am ready, willing and able to see the big picture; the greatest result. Placing a dollar $ value upon myself is limiting my worth. Many of us are willing to purchase expensive clothing, get tattoos, book continual aesthetic appointments, splurge on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, restaurants and trips, all of which are not necessary, rather they represent a quick feel good purchase. How many of us choose to invest in self-help personal & professional development? How many of us struggle with dark thoughts, past traumatic experiences, un-serving beliefs, low body image, and/or emotional ups and downs? How much is your mental, emotional and physical health worth? How much are you worth?

Take a leap of faith; leap into emotional fitness!

Learning the approach of Emotional Fitness is guaranteed to be worth your time, effort and money. There is no greater gift you can give yourself than that of truly finding your inner peace, joy and contentment in life, despite everything that happens out of your control. Connect with a licensed Emotional Fitness Practitioner and discover the gift of listening: deeply listening to self and others in order to achieve a sense of inner balance.

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