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Another reason I love my wife

It’s December 22, 2022. I’m in the shower. Yesterday, Nicole and I did some shopping, and picked up a pack of four rolls of paper for Christmas wrapping. We don’t have much to wrap – we buy a few small items for each other (usually what we choose for ourselves, and seldom more than $20).

Through the shower curtain, my wife asks, “Which two rolls do you want; the ones with the spots and the Santa Claus, or the ones with snow-flakes and candy-cane?”

“You choose,” I say, from beneath the spray, knowing she prefers not to make such a decision.

“Well,” she says, “pick left or right.”

“Left,” I burble, water dripping down my face.

“OK, she says, “you have the Santa Claus and the spots.”

“Great,” I say as I massage my head.

There is a short silence.

“So,” she says, “does that mean you use that paper to wrap, or do I wrap your presents in it?”

The shower curtain trembles as we both laugh at the latest wonderful gem of inanity.

Nicole and I created a contract with each other when we began our relationship. One of the six points is ‘We shall laugh at ourselves.’ We check our contract regularly (it’s on the fridge) to see how we’re doing. This morning was another example of how huge little things can be.

Wishing you all a peaceful, laughter-filled and loving time in this season of celebration.

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